The Dathatreya Ayurveda Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (DATMS)

The Charaka Samhitha, an Ayurvedic classic which was written more than 1000 years ago mentions 80 different neurological illnesses called the “Vata vydhi’’. Vata is responsible for all neurological activities in the human body. So from Ayurvedic perspective MS is more seen as a syndrome than a separate disease entity.
Corresponding to the activities of nervous system or Vata dosha, MS is considered to have multiple causes that relates to the environmental factors, food pattern and living style. MS is an ongoing degenerative process in the nervous system which could have started months or years preceding its diagnosis. At Ayurveda Ashram a comprehensive treatment package for Multiple Sclerosis is being offered in Germany by traditional ayurvedic practioners from Kerala.

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